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Whatever It Is, We Have Your Solution

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We are Specialized in the Handling of Garments on Hangers:

Thousands of garments on Hangers are processed annually by Rockit Transport Services, for leading retailers all over the world.

We receive Garments in our warehouse, which is well protected from humidity and dust and stored on racks ready for delivery or export. Garments are sorted by types styles, customers, colors and sizes, and an inspection takes place to ensure that there is no damage. Shortage may affect distribution or exportation schedules.

In addition to the above we are also very soon presenting the following services:

  • QC Operation when required

  • Garment Inspection

  • Fabric Inspection

  • Pick/Pack/Ticketing

  • Bar Coding and labeling

  • Slip Sheeting

We have our own designed and manufactured metal frame which we construct inside the container and a simple bar / strings system install for hanging garments. We consolidate garments then transport them in these special constructed full container loads and also we use our own system which could be constructed on standard air freight pallets which could be sent to any place allover the world ready for end user at shop windows.

Front of Car

Automotives & Automotive Spare Parts

  • Components inbound to manufacture.

  • Spare part distribution for many brand names.

  • Factory’s needs

  • We can implement warehouse and supply chain management systems that support just-in-time deliveries and allow supply chain participants to manipulate requirements Reduce inventory costs

  • Improve delivery times

  • Co-ordinate multiple components

  • Flexible to market changes

  • Packing and repacking for loose items from Factories to end user

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Rockit Transport Services work extensively with petro-chemical refiners and manufacturers of paints, industrial solvents and chemicals, distributing throughout Egypt and Africa as well by road.
Hazardous cargo is accepted on most routes and processed by personnel trained in the regulatory and handling requirements of these products.
Cosmetics , Pharmaceutical and health care material also handled with a maximum care by our well trained staffs and drivers .

Woman in Art Gallery


We handle some of the most important exhibitions to take place in Egypt, such as; 

1. Cairo international book fair (January annually)

2. Cairo International fair  (March annually)

3. There are more than 50 annual specialized fairs of many types of industrial products, all year round.

The Rockit Transport  Services Exhibition Team understands the different needs of event organizers and exhibitors. We provide organizers with a single resource for their event logistics and provide exhibitors with a one-stop-shop for all their shipping requirements; arranging outbound freight, clearances, transportation and return.

·  Client brief

·  Project audit

·  Method statement

·  Instructions to participants

·  Packing and Repacking

·  Shipping of stand components/samples/luggage

·  Loading, quayside, unloading, build-up/down attendance

·  Show replenishment

·  Return to origin or redirect to the new fairs or exhibitions



Mainly Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are the main commodity product that is shipped out of Egypt – in particular during Winter most of the flights are full with Perishable shipments going mainly
to Europe and the Gulf region.
Egypt's soil is fertile and produces the best produce worldwide and demands to ship such produce is increasing year after year.
Rockit Transport Services is always dealing with such commodities and presents all related logistic services requested for shipping.
The cooling service is always available at the Airport through the Perishable unit that is providing the different temperature requirement to ensure keeping the cooling chain till the arrival at the final destination.
We will provide the requested space on different Airlines all over the year to secure the business of our Customers.

Refrigerated Goods


Just like perishables, we provide the best Logistics services to ensure safe and secure transportation for this type of Freight.

Our Customer Clearance department is well aware of all needed requirement to ship this product also all types of documentation that is also need to be addressed

We can professionally handle Fresh food stuff and dry food stuff as well, we are always in a position to provide the suitable capacity on the best Airlines to ensure departure as requested.

Cooling facilities can be provided at the Airport if needed to keep the quality of the product in a good condition.

Ship's Wheel


Rockit Transport Services is providing Ad-hoc Charter Services to its Customers by request – through our Offices around the globe we can provide this Services based on the route desired through
expert and professional teams.
All related great services will be provided inbound and outbound.
Competitive rates will be provided based on seasons, types of commodities and demands.
We will apply on behalf of our Customers for all needed approvals and traffic rights in conjunctions with the authorities

Puppy on the Beach


Rockit Transport Services is handling the movement of Live animals ex Cairo based on IATA Regulations and Airlines requirement.

We run after all approvals and we are in a position to contact all Airlines to provide the suitable IATA kennels and cages.

We are well aware of how our customers are emotionally attached to their pet animals in particular Dogs & Cats, so our concern is to treat these animals just like their owners would. 

We consider all rabies control requirements from destination to ensure adequate applicability to ensure proper arrival for the pets as planned and as booked.

Before Departure from Cairo we obtain all certificates and needed documents to ensure on time departure.

We ensure the safety of the live animals through transportation by air.

We comply with the Live Animals regulations (LAR) which is the worldwide standard for the transportation of Live animals

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