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"To be a world-class leader in our industry, delivering exceptional value and service to our customers, while promoting sustainability, innovation, and growth."

About Us

Who We Are

Rock it Transport Services was established in 1992 by Mr. Ayman El Sheikh, who is the current President of the International Freight Forwarders & Logistics Association within the Chamber of Commerce. We also as Rockit, are members of IATA - FIATA - & EIFFA.

Today Rock it Transport is one of the top leading Freight Forwarders in the Egyptian market specialized in retail, hanging textiles, and ready made garments as our major exports. Moreover cosmetics & healthcare, household goods, diplomatic mail, printed matters, electronics, and computer parts, automotive, spare parts, petroleum equipments and projects.

Professional, experienced, and motivated team and management offer the customer a high level of confidence and reliability across Supply Chain.

Qualified marketing team working to meet the growth in market demands.

Regular seminars and training programs to improve both performance and attitude for Rock it staff .

Our IT department and computer network facilitate research, development, and links all departments and offices.

Our licensed forwarding software designed for Rock it to facilitate operation, financial processes and issuance of the shipment documentation.

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